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Clever Folding Lagun Van Table Is Ideal for Van Life

The Lagun Table System existed way before we built our van conversion, so we already knew it would work well. Despite this we still worried about the cost, and the fact we wanted a table large enough for us for four people.

We decided to make a table 100cm x 50cm when fully open, and 50x50cm when closed. We also wanted to ensure it could be used in three different places.

Key measurements + shopping list for Lagun Table

  • 100cm x 50cm plywood
  • Lagun Table System
  • additional Lagun bracket
  • Back Flap hinges
  • Sliding table leaf brackets
  • lever arm latch
  • 12mm screws

Lagun Table Video

What We Did

We wanted to make use of the wood we had left and happened to have a good piece of 15mm birch plywood that lent itself well to forming our table top.

Step 1: Install the Lagun Table mount in a central point on the side of our sofa.

Step 2: We cut the table top to be 100cm x 50cm and then placed it in the van on the table top. At this point we didn’t attach the table because we wanted to check how it would work.

After seeing it would work we attached it to the lagun mount using some pan head screws. This meant we could further test the full size table in multiple orientations.

Step 3: We next cut the leafs. First measuring 25cm from each end and then cutting it down with a plunge saw.

Step 4: We selected some back flap inset hinges and installed these using a router. This means when the table is in the open position the whole thing is totally flat. When it is closed the hinges fit neatly with no protruding edges.

Step 5: We protected the table with Osmo poly x oil, but not before giving the whole thing a sand with some 200 grit sand paper.

Step 6: The final step was installing some leaf supports to reduce flex when the table is in the open position. These work really well and we only needed one on each leaf – if the table was bigger you may need two brackets on each side.

And that was about it – but if you have any questions we’d love to hear them. Thanks for reading.

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