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Van Plumbing Diagram; How We Planned Our Vans Plumbing

Before we started our van build we had zero experience with building vans, and guess what the water system was exactly the same. For this reason we started by researching all the ways we could install our fresh water pipes; there are so many options.

We opted for John Guest 12mm push fit as it is widely used in caravans and motorhomes the world over. This has a smaller form factor than 15mm push fit, but that does seem to come at a cost. So make sure you shop around for your fittings if you opt for this route.

Once we knew the system, we designed the layout. Our Mercedes Vario will have;

  • an indoor shower with hot/cold mixer
  • an outdoor shower with hot/cold mixer from Bullfinch
  • A kitchen tap with shower head

We wanted to keep the layout at simple as possible with joints all accessible in case of leaks and repairs. We therefor ensured the T-Pieces were placed at the back under the bed and where they would be safe under the sofa area.

In other areas we made good use of cold form bends, which ensures the bent pipe keeps its form without the need of using a right angled push fitting.

Our Campervan Plumbing Diagram

Video on Plumbing Our Van Conversion


You can watch us do the following things in this first video:

  • Walkthrough our system
  • Build a cabinet with storage for our Shurflo pump, accumulator, LPG cut off, Bullfinch Shower and some simple storage
  • Run 12mm first fix plumbing for the hot and cold water
  • We also test the setup up to the Bullfinch shower for leaks

Pt2. is coming soon

What We Used

We will update this page with more photos, details of what we did and a kit list ASAP.

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